Pirelli designs exclusive tires for the LaFerrari

Tires are rarely given the credit they deserve, when talking about luxury cars, tires are nothing more than a passing mention. On most mainstream cars tires are generally optimized for wear, fuel efficiency and ride comfort not for grip or performance. However when creating tires for hypercars, it is a whole new set of parameters, factors like lateral grip, longitudinal grip and sidewall stiffness are the most important. In fact engineering tires for hypercars is even more challenging than designing race car tires, because hypercar drivers don’t have the luxury of switching tires between dry and wet conditions.

Thus the main aim for a company like Pirelli is to design an unltra high performance street tire that delivers grip as well as a reasonable lifespan. So when it came to the LaFerrari, which is the pinnacle of hypercars, Pirelli had to create bespoke tires. The bespoke P Zero Corsa tires were designed in a conjunction with Ferrari engineers.

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The front tires have been built specifically to allow for turn in and reduce under steer in corners. The tires have been engineered to get the maximum efficiency possible out of the LaFerrari

[Via – Motorauthority]