Plug-in electric Edison Cruise by Edison Marine is a class apart

If electric boating is more your style, check out the latest 1940’s-style barrel-back powerboats by Edison Marine. The plug-in electric Edison Cruise is handcrafted using solid African mahogany and can reach up to 30 mph. Steve Shovoly, the president and founder of Edison Marine, likes to refer to the zero-emissions Cruiser as the Ferrari of the Water and says the boat got rave reviews at the Portland Boat Show this past summer. 17 feet long and weighing just 840 pounds, this beauty features twin high performance 9 in. DC motors, twin 500 amp controllers, a 144v battery pack, and twin propellers. The boats built-in charger can charge the batteries in 4-5 hours and be good for 8-10 hours at 5-7 mph. An optional onboard gas generator for remote charging is also available for the boat. This eco-friendly boat will surely please its buyers.

The exquisite boat is priced at a whopping $120,000 and Edison Marine is currently taking orders on the Cruiser for delivery in the spring. So if you think you can afford this luxury, go ahead and book this beauty right away.