‘Porsche Sounds’ book compilation is set to give audiophiles eargasms

Other than the feel of driving a car or appreciating it visually, what really sets the supercars apart is the thrilling sound they make. From low rasping grunts to banshee-like screeches, these sounds herald the presence of these monsters and are responsible for the many wonderful memories we have of supercars.

To capture the essence of these sounds, Dieter Landenberger, Head of Archives at Historical Archives of Porsche AG and Porsche Club GB, has compiled a book that captures images and sounds. The book is simply entitled ‘Porsche Sounds’ and takes us through the historic engine snarls that have haunted our dreams. The book contains archived images of the best Porsche models and arrives with a CD that plays corresponding engine sounds.
Speaking to CNN, Landenberger said, “The sound of a Porsche sportscar is as iconic as its design or performance. Many car aficionados can make out a Porsche from a far distance, just by its engine sound. The idea behind the book was to combine the unique history of the Porsche brand with the emotional aspect of sound. The sound of a Porsche engine is unique in the automobile world. Especially if it is a boxer engine, which is still used in all 911 models. This heritage started in 1948 with the very first Porsche sportscar, the 356”.
So why a book you may wonder. He explains, “Reading a story in a book is always a one-dimensional thing. With the addition of engine sounds, the cars become alive, which is a very emotional experience.”

[ Via : Cnn ]

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