Porsche Pajun is a smaller Panamera and will compete against the Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes-Benz is the front runner when it comes to classy, stylish, and luxurious cars. Stating that this brand has a lot of competition vying to steal its market is an understatement. The latest brand to compete against Mercedes-Benz is none other than another legendary automaker, Porsche. Reports suggest Porsche is working on developing a Panamera-styled sedan named the “Pajun” to compete with Mercedes-Benz’s popular E-Class and CLS coupe.

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The smaller version of Porsche’s four door luxury sedan, is sure to give some stiff competition to Mercedes-Benz. The Panamera junior or the Pajun as it is reportedly named, will expand Porsche’s profile to six model lines. As per reports, the Pajun will slot in next to Porsches’ current lineup, which includes the Boxster/Cayman series, the Cayenne SUV, and the aforementioned Panamera.
While, more details are yet unavailable, with Porsche spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode stating that while there were many ideas for a sixth model, any final decisions have not been made, there are some strong feelings about the Pajun’s debut. If and when ready, the Pajun will reportedly have an asking price of $84,000 and above.
Note – PIctured above is a Porsche Panamera for illustration.

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