Porsche Panamera is the best selling model in the United States

The Porsche Panamera has outdone its brothers to be the bestselling Porsche in the United States. In April alone, 678 Panameras were purchased in the United States compared to the 219 Boxsters, 135 Caymans, 389 911s, and 326 Cayennes sold. 2011 will, however, see a redesigned Porsche Cayenne, which has added sales too. The Panamera, available in the US since October 2009, is a four-seat Gran Tourismo.

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The Cayenne has seen a fall in sales, a life-cycle related decline, because of which a newer version is under the hammer being developed. The new version, the Cayenne S Hybrid, will be a green vehicle consuming just 8.2 liters of gasoline every 100 km. It looks like these two SUVs by Porsche are neck-deep in an annual sales competition.

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