Porsche Stingray GTR sports gold and croc leather interiors

If you think the whale-penis interiors by Dartz for the Russian market was outrageous, the guys are at it again (the Russians, not Dartz). Another tuning company from Moscow called TopCar is set to give Dartz a run for their money with a crocodile and gold interior-ed Porsche Stingray GTR. Based on the Porsche Panamera Turbo S, the limited edition sedan features ADV.1 ultra-light forged disks and a widebody kit.

On the insider, there is a lot of bling with the gold set with crocodile leather. The wood trim is crafted using Karelian Birch, found in only Finland and Russia. While pricing is yet to be revealed, there will be just 25 units of the car up for grabs.

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