Prindeville Prestige fine tunes the Lamborghini Murcielago into a ravishing beauty

British tuning boutique, Prindeville Prestige has created a winner with its latest modded Lamborghini Murcielago. The fine-tuned beauty is similar to the tuning house’s earlier model, the modded Raging Bull and even boasts of the same carbon fiber body kit. Except the front compartment lid, all the other factory panels, including the roof, have been replaced and restyled. But what makes this beauty stand out is its stunning interior that cost £10,000 (around US$16,000)! The entire cabin has been upholstered in a two-tone ostrich hide while there are precision-milled aluminum accents on the dashboard and the lower part of the center console. So if not the exterior, you can expect to be bowled over by the supercar exceptional and detailed interior.

A supercar to behold, we are sure many can’t wait to take this one home. Sadly though there is no information available about its pricing.