Private jet owners in China get to choose a customized design for their aircraft bedroom

China being an emerging market, has the number of private jets growing by the day, due to which Interior design companies vying for their attention in the newly competitive market. Guo Lihui, section manager of Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corp, a Beijing based company providing maintenance, repair, and components installation for aircraft was desperately looking out for interior design providers and his research made him unearth a lot of facts about the requirements of the purpose. Guo stated that he was dishing out for providers sourced from United States and Europe as they have a long history with aircraft interiors and modifications. Guo then approached Talcao Aviation, a company based in Hong Kong that had a reputation of working with more than 10 Chinese clients mainly providing custom carpets and leather seating.

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The interior design companies can handcraft and customize everything in the jet right from the range of paints, fabric and designs tailored to a customer’s taste and style. Customers demand an interior redecoration almost every three years. Refurbishing a plane however comes at a major premium. A new carpet for a large-cabin in Gulfstream G550 takes more than a whopping $30,000. But a price such as that is not a big amount for affluent Chinese jet owners for whom luxury and opulence is of utmost value.
[China daily]

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