Project Kahn revamps Phantom

A touch of exclusivity to take your car’s individuality to a higher level! One of the secrets of Project Kahn’s success is the selected clientele and their need for individuality. They build special vehicles for a small number of people who have the taste for exclusivity and finer things in life. Project Kahn crave perfection in all their conversions, nothing is left to chance and every detail of the car is carefully considered. Project Kahn has customized Rolls Royce Phantom that features a new electronically adjustable sports suspension riding on unique 22-inch Kahn RSD alloy wheels.

For further exclusiveness, the windows have been tinted; the lights received the clear lens treatment and inside the seats have been covered in Nappa leather. To top it all off, Kahn has included a golfing umbrella made of carbon. If the Rolls Royce isn’t to your tastes, the company also customizes the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley, and Ferrari among others.

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