Project Utopia is a floating island concept on high seas

When it comes to yachts, radical designs usually take time in the making, considering the safety needs to hit high sea cruises. But BMT Nigel Geein collaboration with Yacht Island Design is all set to enter the arena of avant-garde concept yachts, with ‘Project Utopia’. The 100 meter long yacht spans over a massive 11 decks, enough to set up your own small country! Makers say that the design has drawn inspiration from a four legged platform that uses the same principle for small water plane area design, that ensure “minimum motions in even the most extreme sea conditions”.

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Each of these legs perform an important function, the makers explain, “Each leg supports a fully azimuthing thruster and with four such units, the design can redeploy between desired locations at slow speeds. A large central structure bisects the water surface acting as the conduit for the mooring system which is a critical element of the design, as well as housing a wet dock for access by tenders.”
This tender also boasts of housing several helicopter pads.
While the living and service areas are scattered across the 11 decks, the topmost deck sports a retractable canopy. Known as the “13th Floor” it features an observatory offering panoramic views that too from 65 meters above water surface levels.
Thanks Stephen Hooley

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