Proudly made in the US of A – Vangiuard motorcycles makes its debut

The Hondas and the Suzuki’s please make way! A brand new motorcycle brand by the name of Vanguard Motorcycles is about to hit the stores and it looks nothing short of promising! The debuting marquee, which will carry out operations from New York City, is founded by two ex-Confederate Motorcycles officials – Chief designer, Edward Jacobs, and entrepreneur, Francois- Xavier Terny.

Similar to Confederate’s bold and unique designs, Vanguard’s very first entrant – The Roadster also dons quite a rugged look. As far as the technicalities are concerned, the bike owns a 1917 cc (117 cubic inches) S&S twin power engine. Its single-seat tail unit is remarkably thin with minimalistic seat padding. Further, it comes with a fully integrated exhaust that emerges somewhere from the bottom of the bike. Another really interesting feature of the Roadster is its tablet-sized color screen on the dash that also doubles up as a mirror, thanks to a rear-facing camera integrated into the tail unit.

This dapper of a bike will weigh 550 lb (250 kg), which a tad bit heavier compared to most naked bikes. While its horsepower is left for guesswork, the bike is predicted to generate enough torque to outbid its counterparts. For now, only a running prototype of the Vanguard Roadster (at a reported price of $29,995) will be unveiled at the New York City Motorcycle show on December 9. Those lured to purchase this beast will have to wait up until its eventual production in 2018.


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