Putin’s Plane with a Midas Touch!

Sneak into Mr. Putin’s jet and get a view of Russian opulence although it’s not as extravagant and pricey as the previously mentioned Sheik’s personal A380 airbus with all the priciest frills. It is known that Russian President Vladimir Putin had outsourced a Bristol firm Diamonite to redesign and refit the interior of Ilyushin 96 (IL-96), the equivalent of America’s Air Force One. From the pictures, it’s crystal clear that the Russian president is in love with GOLD. The taps, the shower, washbasins, towel rail, table legs, and even the seatbelt clasps are gold-plated. The walls of this Russian ‘Air Force One’ are lined with white Russian silk, and decorated with the national crest and exquisite pictures of traditional Russian scenes. The seats are covered in leather imported from Italy……by the same company that Aston Martin uses. There are flat-screen entertainment systems and, so guests will really feel at home, a dishwasher, cooker, and fridge/freezer. Estimated to have been decorated at a cost of about 10 million GBP ($30 m), the gleaming interior of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Ilyushin 96-300 jet is sure to leave the US president’s famed jets way behind in the opulence ratings. Dig in for more gold…..oops images after the jump……

A word of caution- carry a pair of glares for an excursion of this plane (against all odds though) lest the superfluous glitziness hurts your eyes!

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