Qantas gears up to provide in-flight WiFi and laptop power in its forthcoming Airbus A380s and Boeing 747-400s

If you are planning for a holiday in the southern continent, Australia, then chances are high that you’d be flying by Qantas. Cause it is widely regarded as the world’s leading long-distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. My personal experience is that they practice what they preach. And above all the services offered are now planning to provide in-flight WiFi and laptop power on their forthcoming A380s or revamped 747-400s. Qantas says it will offer wireless internet throughout the A380s, even in economy class, as well as web and email access via seat-back inflight entertainment systems if you don’t have a laptop with you. While the 747-400 will offer it for folks seating in premium economy class only.

Qantas marketing director John Borghetti quotes, “Customers in every cabin will also be able to remain connected throughout their flight with wireless connectivity, in-seat laptop power, USB and RJ45 ports allowing them to surf the internet or send and receive emails directly from their seat or personal laptop.” The pricing isn’t officially stated but it is whispered that seatback instant messaging will cost $5 for unlimited use throughout the flight. Web email will cost $8 per flight, with attachments extra, and there will be a measure of Internet access. Laptop users would have WiFi access to the Internet and VPNs. All these geeky comforts will be accessible within a few months from now. No more sleeping through the long flights………

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