QTvan, the world’s smallest caravan comes with a bed, TV and drinks cabinet too

So is the summer heat getting to you already? Or do the memories of spending the night on a pavement trying to get tickets for your favorite game still haunt you? Then this time go better equipped, well in advance as a small and spacious caravan which can be towed by a mobility scooter is now out. Small enough to settle in a pavement’s space, the QTvan can accommodate a full-size bed to rest in peace. It also features a 19” television, a drinks cabinet, and ‘tea-making facilities’. Priced at £5,500($9,040), you can also take a mobility scooter breakdown cover for £49.99 ($80). However, the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) which has developed the caravan stated that it is best suited for only short trips. Any plans to visit a royal wedding?

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