Queen Elizabeth, Cunard’s stunning cruise liner to be christened by the Queen herself

A few years ago, Cunard launched it ambitious project Queen Elizabeth Liner and later this month, they have manages to rope in the Queen herself to be officially name the cruiser! Newest in the line of Cunard’s Queens, the liner has been crafted to relive the glamour and grandeur of the 1930s and 40s. so much was the buzz around this project that the maiden voyage with 2,068 seats booked withing the first 30-minutes of opening bookings.

Queen_Elizabeth_Cunard1.jpg The stunning 92,400-tonne liner will sail to Southampton to be christened and mark its maiden voyage to the Canary Islands.
This is the third Queen in the world of cruise liners with the first Queen Elizabeth sailing by the Clyde in Scotland, 1938 and the second tagged Queen Mother.

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