Quintessentially One: The world’s finest floating club to set sail in 2013

Private members club Quintessentially and Norwegian shipping company Kloster, have teamed up to offer the luxury loving globe trotters a luxurious voyage like no other. Their offering christened, the Quintessentially One is a luxury superyacht that will sail the well heeled folks on board to some of the most exclusive events in the world like the Monaco Yacht Show in Monte Carlo, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or the Barbados Garrison Savannah horse racing or even the famed Cannes Film Festival. Dubbing itself as “’the world’s finest floating club”, the Quintessentially One will surely be the new residence of the rich and the famous. When ready the 220-metre liner will boast of 12 residential suites alongside a £750 ($1,182)-a-night boutique hotel run by CampbellGray Hotels, a Wolseley-run restaurant as a shopping mall. The superyacht is now offering its residencies for sale up to £10 million (15.7 million).

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To pamper its guests and residents, the cruise liner even features a Quintessence spa on board, as well as evenings run by New York live entertainment club The Box. Besides this there is also a kid’s area and a business center.
However to sail on this yacht, passengers will have to join an exclusive club whose membership is by invitation only. The yacht which will begin construction in September with its maiden voyage slated for 2013 already has a waiting list of millionaires who wish to make the most of this exclusive floating club.

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