Range Rover Evoque Bollinger drives in at Vinitaly 2012

James Bonds’ association with French Champagne brand Bollinger is already known to us. In a bid to renew that charisma, Range Rover Evoque and Bollinger have come together to create the stunning Range Rover Evoque Bollinger which will also be featured in the new James Bond film “Skyfall.” The Range Rover Evoque Bollinger which is made in collaboration with Aznom, the British manufacturer chosen this year as a Bollinger champagne partner, is a perfect amalgam of exquisiteness that only the British are capable of exuding. This special edition dedicated to the British SUV Bollinger Special Cuvée is also set to participate in a series of initiatives and events that will happen throughout Italy in the year 2012.

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From the images, its clear that the car sports prominent logos and other details on the outside. As you step inside, you can notice the elegant leather upholstery. Also the luggage was set up two air-conditioned cabinets that could hold up to 12 bottles. The Range Rover Evoque-Bollinger will be on display at Vinitaly where it will share space with with the Range Rover Spirit Wine Tasting Car.
[Versaclasse via Autoblog]

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