Rare Bentleys take to UK roads to celebrate 75 years of Bentley Drivers Club

What a scene it is going to be … long, winding roads with a train of art on wheels, snaking around in all its brilliance. The Bentley has that effect on people – to get almost poetic. Britain is currently reveling in awe as they witness 50 Bentleys, from 80 years of its history, on its grand tour and covering a total of 3,000 miles. This ‘Britain by Bentley’ tour is part of the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Bentley Drivers Club. More than 100 members, the world over, were welcomed at its headquarters in Crewe to kick start the tour, where they were given a warm, high profile welcome. Red carpets, gala dinner and an escorted visit to the Bentley’s Pyms Lane factory.

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