Red Fenix builds $144,000 Ducati 1198RF bike

For speedsters who are looking for the ultimate ride, Red Fenix has built the 100,000 Euros (US$144,000) Ducati 1198RF. This mean bike is sure to appeal to all those living in the fast lane. Red Fenix began with a ‘basic’ 1198S and proceeded to give it a very significant makeover. The superbike boasts of 7-inch magnesium alloy wheels from Marvic (16.5-inch wheels are an option for track use only), shod with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa rubber. The stock 45mm Öhlins fork of the 1198S has been replaced with a 47mm K-Service item, and the bike’s wheelbase has been reduced slightly by Ducati’s World Superbikes machine. The carbon-fiber bodywork, too, is equally spectacular. The Ducati Traction Control system, which is calibrated from zero to 8, is set on 4 on the 1198RF. The engine has been fettled by the Milan-based Desmolupo and features a host of performance mods that provide an additional 10-11 horsepower. The front brake discs have been repositioned for better cooling while the Brembo units claim to offer immense stopping power, requiring just one finger on the lever to haul the bike down from triple-digit speeds.

An expensive buy, only few can afford to get this $144,000 bike. The rest will just have to make do with their regular Ducati 1198S.

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