Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Brilliant Van for more space and comfort in NY and LA

If you have a long road trip to make, you might as well opt for something comfortable and luxurious, which gives you room to stand and stretch out your fatigue too? While you can travel in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, you can’t really get up and take a walk in it. That is when you can opt for a ride with Brilliant Transportation. They are out with the Brilliant Van, which is more like a stretch limo with more headspace.

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The van features four well upholstered and elaborate leather couches, two 32-inch flat-screen TV’s with DirecTV signals, and an eight-speaker music system, both of which you can enjoy using wireless headphones. The Brilliant Van also features WiFi for internet surfing, a color printer, and a hands-free telephone system. You can rent out the van for a ride between New York and Los Angeles, for now.

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