Rent and christen your own Virgin America Airbus A320 for just $60,000

Tired of renting a limo every now and then? Well, for a pocketful of $60,000, you could now rent an entire Virgin plane, including the pilot and a full-fledged crew! And compared to those measly limos, planes are big, enough to have you and a 145 of your friends and family in all travelling with you. This sums up to about $410 per person, and Virgin is offering to move your jolly party across the United States, non-stop! The service will include the Airbus A320 itself, with crew and flight meals, drinks as well as entertainment. And as a cherry on the icing, customers can name the aircraft too! Also, you need to be a member of the Gilt Group for this one, since Virgin particularly doesn’t seem keen on having their planes randomly flown away across the border!

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