Rimac begins reservations for superfast and environmentally-sound Concept One

Croatian supercar manufacturer Rimac now has on offer a car crafted to burn the asphalt, go fast and hug the environment too. Called the Rimac Concept One, this 1,088 hp supercar is completely powered by electricity, giving the environment-choking fossil fuels a skip. Also, Rimac has begun accepting reservations for the same, with deliveries of the car scheduled for 2013. As for the car, this one spouts 2,800 lb-ft (3,500 Nm) of torque and sports a 372 miles (600 km) range, touching the 62mph mark in just 2.8 seconds flat-out! Rumored to be priced around $1 million, this electric car puts many of its gas-guzzling contemporaries to shame and will be produced in limited numbers, just 88 in all.

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