Roddler – A stylish stroller for the well-heeled toddlers

Is your kid finally ready to explore the world around him but can’t balance his weight on his two little feet just yet? Your next priority on the purchase list has to be a stroller. And if you pride yourself on being a stylish person, why not be a stylish parent and splurge a bit for your little one too? Then the Roddler is just the thing for you! The stroller comes with two rear and one front chrome wheels with fin-shaped fenders and white wall tires, color-matching brakes, wheel bullets, chassis, seat, and top, stainless steel hardware, chrome grips, a suede seat insert for comfort, and carbon vinyl leatherette for the seat and top for additional durability.

Available for $2,000, you can convert the stroller into a tricycle with a trike kit for an additional $500, making sure the stroller is indeed a long term investment!

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