Rogue Acoustics Audio System ($330,000) is honored as the World’s Most Expensive Car Audio System

You may have spent a small fortune on that new big-screen HDTV or for that perfect surround sound system with theatre quality audio for your home. But have you felt something amiss when you are en route in your car? Don’t you want the same or better acoustics pleasure then too? The new Rogue Acoustics Audio System (RA:1K) is the perfect audio system that will flood your car with the best sound. Dubbed as the ‘The World’s Most Expensive Car Audio System’, this new car audio system from Australia utilizes digital signal processing, high-efficiency drivers, and some of the most advanced amplifiers ever made. Featuring digital signal processing, high-efficiency drivers, and most highly developed amplifiers, the RA:1K features various drivers flexible enough to be used in each system set up. It will also feature a central amplifier with a built-in mobile phone, allowing technicians to dial in and adjust or evaluate the system from any part of the globe. Moreover, the amplifier of the system will also be capable of detecting all the problems and automatically notify the dealer for further services, if required any. The highlight is that you may alter almost each and everything, including Titanium amplifier housings and jewel-encrusted logos or designs, using Rogue Acoustics’ in-house design service for alteration according to your preferences as well as the constraints of the vehicle.

So will anyone actually buy one of these things? If the answer is yes, then dig in your pockets for anything between $72,000 to more then $330,000 for the Rogue Acoustics Audio System. It will possibly be available around early next year. Endowed with latest technology, about all the systems will be capable of burning 4 tweeters, 4 mid range drivers and 1 or 2 subwoofers.