Rolls-Royce is the luxury brand most often mentioned in top songs of the past three years

Chart topping music (much like everything else) is turning into an avenue for advertising. According to research conducted by Bloomberg’s Kim Bhasin and data journalist Lance Lambert, the top 20 songs of the past three years have all name dropped big brands. 212 different brands were mentioned and most of the top ten were –you guessed it- car companies. It’s not necessarily always the case that stars get paid for these musical endorsements (in fact, depending on the context, the brand name may even be used negatively), for example cars and Champagne brands are often named in hip hop songs, but mostly only as a reference to wealth and excess. On the other hand Chris Brown’s famous song “Forever” started out as a commercial for Wrigley’s Doublemint gum (“Double your pleasure, double your fun”).

Here are the top 10 brands named most often in the chart toppers of the past three years
– Rolls-Royce: Named 11 times, Rolls-Royce takes the coveted top spot.
– Ferrari: 9 mentions put Ferrari in a close second place.
– Hennessy: Henny rolled in at number three with 7 mentions
– Porsche: This car marque tied with Hennessy with 7 mentions
– Chevrolet: It may not be a luxury car company, but it still got six mentions in 3 years!
– Lamborghini: Surprisingly this Italian car company tied with Chevy with 6 mentions
– Bentley, Cadillac, Jordans (the sneakers), Mercedes Benz, Rolex and Xanax (!) all got 5 mentions each.

For all the product placement that Apple does for Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and pills, we’re surprised that their never once actually mentioned in songs.


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