Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II design is designed by Ugur Sahin

One of Rolls Royce most iconic designs, the ‘round door’ Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe, was indeed a coup of sorts in its time. Designed by Jonckheere Works in Belgium in 1935, this black beauty was unfortunately destroyed during World War II. Now designer Ugur Sahin of the coachbuilding company has been asked to reinterpret this iconic car. Sahin’s personal preference for long hoods and short bodies is prominent in his designs, and respect guided his treatment of this 77-year old car. Some of the biggest changes are on the front fender, where the headlights drop into the fenders, and the fin at the rear is downsized.

Talks are on with investors for creating a one-of-a-kind as well. The original car was created at a time when technology was at its nascent. Today with the most innovative techniques at our disposal, this reinvented model will have to be a real work of art to stand the time tests.


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