Rolls Royce hosts dinner for elite guests on its assembly line floor

Premium automobile manufacturer Rolls Royce recently demonstrated a fabulous way to connect with its buyers and give them a taste of what it’s like in a Rolls Royce manufacturing unit, literally. The automaker successfully converted its assembly line floor into a dining hall for 100 guests, hosting the “Dine on the Line” event, an opportunity for guests to have a closer look at the manufacturing works of Rolls Royce. The guests, who make up the upper creamier crust of modern day society, were welcomed by the management team while craftsmen and women showed off their exceptional coach-building skills during the event.

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Also present at the event was the celebrated coach-line-painter Mark Court, known for his exceptionally steady hand, who invited guests to try their hand at coach-line painting with a Phantom Extended Wheelbase for a canvas. The event also had on show vintage models and cars ranging from the very modern Phantom Series II to the Phantom 1, hailing from the 1930’s!

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