Rolls Royce Hyperion is a modern vintage

The cool new Rolls Royce Hyperion adds a lot of life to the current collection and comes in with a revolting new vintage design that can be a classic and a revolution at the same time. Instead of the typical four-seater, this one’s a two-seater with windscreen and ‘cockpit’ that’s pushed back by 400 meters. The sides are designed in a manner to give it a slim sporty look. The vintage design of the car is topped with a gun rack that allows you to store your gun so that the hunting trips aren’t necessarily overloading for you.

It also has some inputs from watchmaker Girard-Perregaux who has added a timepiece – based on the Tourbillon Vintage 1945 – for the road. This can be detached from the bracelet and gets attached to the dashboard.

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