Rolls Royce is now on OVERDRIVE.

Nothing says that you have arrived like driving a Rolls-Royce down your front porch. However if your interested to buy a new phantom this new year beware you may have to wait till 2010. Production is expected to increase by 10% say its PR executives. Rolls-Royce, already having dedicated millions of dollars to enhance its production facilities, is looking to add more hands in a bid to keep up with the ever-growing demand for its cars. Production in 2007 was up 25% over 2006 to 1,000 units. This year 100 new cars are rolling off the Goodwood production line straight to China. Emerging markets have their own share of fortune makers.

Seems as soon as consumers are finding wealth they go & purchase the new Rolls. The car maker had built its reputation as the car fit for kings. Now trends have changed & there are many wealthy who want one, even when the wealthiest individuals on this planet drive everyday cars.