Rolls Royce Phantom bags Best Luxury Car of the Year 2009 award

Kuwait recently held its first Car of the Year Awards. The awards, an initiative by Kuwait’s auto magazine RPM, are exceptional since the winners in each category are chosen by the public directly. The organizers reportedly collected and analyzed data from over 250,000 respondents to determine the winner in each category. When it came to the luxury category, the car to walk away with the honor of being the Best Luxury car for the Year 2009 was none other than Rolls Royce Phantom. A favorite of many luxury-lovers and car enthusiasts, the Rolls Royce Phantom is truly a class apart.

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Accepting the award on behalf of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Abbas Ashmar, Rolls-Royce brand manager at Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive, said Rolls Royce will always cherish this award since the public has chosen the winner. He further added, “This underpins that Phantom continues to lead the super-luxury segment in terms of unparalleled driving characteristics, an outstanding refinement, and engineering integrity,”
I won’t be surprised if Rolls Royce walks away with the same award next year as well.

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