Rolls Royce Phantom Spirit Of Ecstasy Centenary Collection to celebrate 100th anniversary

How do you tell the world that you’ve been in the business for 100 years? Well take a cue Rolls Royce. The luxury car giants have decided to take their hood ornament the Spirit Of Ecstasy to new heights with a stunning new exclusive collection of custom Phantom models. Called as the Ecstasy Centenary Collection, this one-year-only collection will feature 100 cars that have been inspired by the flying lady logo.

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The cars will come in a wide range of exclusive exterior colors, wood veneers and leather options. The emblem will be crafted in silver and will spot a black-gold plated bezel base bearing an inscription that reads “Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary – 2011”. You will also stand to gain distinct badges and plates, alongside a special analogue clock and a hand-painted Spirit of Ecstasy insignia, which was first crafted by the mascot’s original creator Charles Sykes.

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