Rowan Atkinson wrecks his McLaren F1 and pays more than the car’s price to get it repaired

A while ago, British comedian and television actor Rowan Atkinson was driving around in his expensive toy, the McLaren F1. However, as fate would have it, the car spun out of control and ended up crashing into a signpost and a tree. Luckily for Mr. Bean star, however, the carbon fiber monocoque left him unharmed. The car wasn’t so lucky, however, and suffered several damages that have recently been refurbished. The repairs for the car were billed at an astonishing $1,432,340, which is estimated to be one of the largest car insurance settlements in British history.

A new car would ideally come with a price tag of $1,007,360. However, the prices of McLaren F1 supercars have risen over the past few years, causing the terribly long repair bill. Well, the insurance company sure didn’t have a hay-day though replacing the car and giving the actor a new McLaren F1 would’ve cost a lot more, $7,870,000 to be precise! Sporting a BMW V-12 engine, this revolutionary supercar is one of those you wouldn’t want to drive around every day, not when repairs nearly blow up a substantial part of your bank account!


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