Sarasota Yacht Club now opens eco-friendly Clubhouse to public

After spending 84 years making just boats and high-profile yachts, the Sarasota Yacht Club is now gearing up to make a new beginning with its new futuristic resort-like clubhouse. The multi-level clubhouse opens to panoramic view and offers 71 of covered parking spaces. Inside there are several dining areas both indoors and outdoors, lounges; both formal and informal, two dance floors and an “honors gallery” for yachting trophies and photographic memorabilia. The marina overlooking the clubhouse that has a capacity of almost a 100-plus vessels which include housing yachts of up to a 100 feet.

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Gaining its inspiration from a luxury yacht, the 22,000-square-foot clubhouse already has 511 memberships with an addition space for 200 more. The structure can withstand winds of up to 130mph and is constructed by Tandem Constructions with eco friendly materials such as recycled materials and thick insulation.