Saudi Prince now owns the Bugatti Chiron and the Vision GT Concept

Some food said money cannot buy happiness. This foolhardy comment completely missed the bunch of things that it could. Ask the folks at Bugatti who have just given away the Bugatti Chiron and uber-rare Vision GT Concept to Saudi prince Badr bin Saud. The prince revels in his $21 bn fortune so picking these two wouldn’t have harmed his finances much. So, what’s so special about the Chiron, one may wonder. It so happens that the prince made the choicest decision to pick the display model from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. How exclusive is that?
The Vision GT was specially created for video game Gran Turismo Sport.

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The carmakers announced the sale on their Instagram account with a stunning image of both beasts and a caption that read, “#Bugatti is delighted to announce that both the world premiere show car of the new Bugatti #Chiron and the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo show car, the concept of which was developed for the upcoming video game “Gran Turismo Sport” @sony @playstation , conquered the heart of @b14 , a car enthusiast and Bugatti lover from Saudi Arabia, who purchased both vehicles to become the crowns of his private car collection. The customer was awarded the contract after submitting the most convincing bid.”
Saudi Prince Bugatti Chiron and the Vision GT Concept (1)

Saudi Prince Bugatti Chiron and the Vision GT Concept (2)
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