Scamandar RRV: The ultimate amphibious sedan

Scamandar RRV is a car that is capable of being able to drive on-track, off road or even on the water. I feel particularly bad for the builder of the car: Peter Wheeler, who built a bird of magnitude and his passion, soon to pass away before experiencing well-deserved fame. Wheeler created the RRV as an alternative to the typical Ferrari’s or Lamby’s and also for his personal thrill. RRV stands for Rapid Response Vehicle and it lives up to the name with a convoy 35-inch diameter tires designed to function like those on a tractor, removable paddles for the rear wheels, body consisting of foam-filled plastic pods and a total weight of 2,425lbs which keeps the vehicle light and simple.

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Wheeler intended for the finished product to use the light, 4.6 liter Rover V8 and also a system called “fiddle brakes” that are capable of individually braking the wheels. The future of Scamandar RRV appears bleak after the death of Wheeler, since he appears to have privately financed the massive project. Nevertheless, they’re still trying to develop a remote control unit for it, which will make the Scamander the biggest remote control toy, if they succeed in their attempts.