SCOD 42m Ocean Supremacy is the new eco luxury superyacht

Sauter’s designs in yachts have always combined performance with eco-friendly elements that take superlative engineering talent. Few of the green creations that we’ve seen in the recent past are the Emax Super Marine 45 and Emax E-Volution. It’s time to welcome the 42m Ocean Supremacy from SCOD that is one of the most advanced eco luxury superyacht that one can dream of. The super fast, super green ocean supremacy utilizes a 9 MW solar hybrid propulsion system powered by a combination of sustainable sources of energy that integrate and exploit the availability of solar, wind, wave and bio-mass diesel power.

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The yacht offers a luxury onboard environment on the main and upper sun deck with pool area with facilities such as sunbathing, dancing, parties, entertaining and events. The upper deck also features an outside cockpit that is protected from the sun and rain by a photovoltaic canopy as well as an open-air outdoor cinema that can be viewed by over 20 guests. The 42m Ocean Supremacy packs in a master suite and 4 spacious luxury guest cabins complete with all the facilities.
The 42m Ocean Supremacy can accommodate a total of 10 guests and 8 to 10 crew members. It delivers a maximum speed of 55 knots and 14 knots Zero Carbon Cruising Range. It also provides solar & carbon cruising range at 18 knots.
[Via SauterCarbonOffsetDesign]

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