Sea Axe FYS craft: A floating garage for your megayacht

Spoiling megayacht owners even more are Dutch shipyards Amels and Damen with their latest offering, the Sea Axe FYS (Fast Yacht Support). The Sea Axe functions as a supporting ship that does the dirty work. Offering complete cruise logistics, the Sea Axe is designed to house your various water toys and even features a helipad. The Sea Axe can also carry fuels, consumables, waste and extra staff. In short, the sea yacht lets you make the most of your luxury experience on your megayacht by acting as a floating storage room. The craft can also be used for security and shuttle services, or a base for fishing and diving excursions, and can also scout ahead for anchorages. You can also send the Sea Axe ahead of the mother ship to announce your arrival in advance.

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The all-weather craft is available with various deck and interior configurations in 37, 51 and 67 meter lengths and boast of speeds up to 28 knots and transatlantic range. The ultimate way to indulge, these crafts are the perfect way to flaunt your affluent status.