SeaBird is touted to be the fastest personal submarine

Suppose you’ve been on the lookout for a way to satisfy your adventurous needs with a little under-sea action, this personal submarine is bound to leave you interested and have you fishing out your purse. By US-based firm AquaVenture, the SeaBird is claimed to be one of the fastest personal submersible vehicles today, too, without a motor of its own! What powers it up instead is a vessel on the surface, to which the SeaBird is tethered and dragged around. Using a patent-pending tow system, the SeaBird could travel up to certified speeds of about 22 knots (25 mph/40 km/h), using cables of up to 400 ft (122 m) length, operating to depths of 300 ft (91 m).

With a price tag of $210,000 with an included training for one pilot, this pretty much seems to be a great way to see what lies beneath the waves!

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