Seabob- The ultimate driving, diving experience….

Nothing can prepare you for this amount of fun – it’s time to leave the roads and discover the water. Incredibly appealing, the Seabob offers unlimited thrills & action in the water. It’s now actually possible to move through the water like a fish, either on the surface or at depth with this amphibious vehicle. It determines that man and machine are forging ahead with power and purpose. With impeccable environmental credentials, this thrilling machine offers absolutely unpolluted fun. Steering and diving couldn’t be easier – it’s all done by shifting your bodyweight whilst a control grip is used to regulate speed. With its power limited to 3.6 kW (5 HP), the Seabob is incredibly easy to drive and needs no license. Quick charging, the Seabob takes only 90 minutes from a PowerPoint.

For safety reasons, the diving depth of the standard models has been set at 2.5 meters. Scuba divers can use the on-board electronics to set the diving depth to a maximum of 40 meters. Its ergonomic shape is determined by hydrodynamics. Stuttgart-based designer Oliver Schweizer set the tone of its flowing lines and was honoured by the “Good Design Award 2004”. Available in standard colours: Carex Yellow, Red Metallic I, Pearl White, Rapid Red, Blue Metallic, Steel Silver Metallic; additional colours can be obtained on request. Prices differ according to models ranging from $8,200 to $10,400 (approximately).

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