Seabreacher X: Shark-like boat for the millionaire adventure freaks

Super yachts and mega yachts have become the trademark of the elite. If you fall in the millionaire category, you are expected to own at least one super yacht. But these large yachts rarely meet up to your adventurous needs. For that ultimate water adventure, you need a toy that is not just small but fast and furious as well. So if you are one of those poor rich adventure freaks who are dying to step into something more thrilling than the luxurious yachts, the Seabreacher X is just for you. Touted to be the ultimate toy of the rich, the Seabreacher X is a two-seater boat that can reach speeds of 50 mph on water and 25 mph after diving below the surface (although it is not exactly a submarine). Driving like a high-powered jet ski, the snorkel supplies air to the 260hp supercharged engine of this boat that resembles a great white shark. The part jet-ski, part boat is definitely the ultimate toy for adventure freaks as it lets you seek the thrills of speed on the surface of the water and then give you the ultimate thrills as it flies up to 12 feet through the air before diving through the waves.

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When the Seabreacher X makes a splash on the surface from the depths, it launches powerfully on to the surface mimicking the movement of aquatic animals like sharks or dolphins. The drag boat style design of the boat combined with the gaping jaws, manages to gives this boat one mean look. Equipped with high-tech features including a snorkel mounted video camera that can transmit live video to LCD screens for the pilot and passenger during dives, GPS navigation and on board stereo with iPod docking, this boat is sure to become the ultimate toy of the rich.
The Seabreacher X takes three months to build and costs £60,000 ($93,380)! Reportedly, the Seabreacher has already become a favorite toy of the millionaires in the Middle East. The company plans to build 10 of this particular shark-like design model with two already pre-sold. So if you are interested, you had better hurry right away.

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