Seats that change color when cleaned, no tray tables, seat pockets and more – Is this how airplane cabins will look like in a post COVID world?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that humans may permanently change their lifestyles post the pandemic. And giving us an insight into this is a prospective design for plane cabins in the post-COVID world by London-based design studio PriestmanGoode.

Complete with dividing curtains, business class “rooms” and seats that can change color to indicate that they have been cleaned, the novel design is modern, chic, and unbelievably good! It has been conceptualized to perfection and seeks to address passenger concerns about travel in the coming months.

“Pure Skies”, as the concept is aptly called aims to re-define business and economy class cabins as “rooms and “zones” respectively. As part of the design, seats will use “photochromic and thermochromic inks” and new divider screens at full height will separate each row from the other.

Additionally, passengers will be able to rent devices to binge-watch entertainment series or videos and make use of wireless charging and an integrated backlit safety card affixed at the back of their seats. The plush cabins will feature clampable tray tables and detachable bags in place of seat pockets. Business-class passengers will further get access to a huge entertainment screen synced to their devices.

The company claims that the design will take merely three years to be built and testified. “We’ve looked ahead to imagine future scenarios and taken into account new passenger behaviors driven by the global pandemic to ensure our designs can be implemented within a few years and will meet user and airline requirements for many years ahead,” stated director Nigel Goode.

Well, a design concept so great is certainly a boon for the future of the travel industry!

[Via: CNBC]

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