Self-driving Land Rovers of the future will brave any terrain

Self-driving cars are a well-propagated fantasy in a not so distant future, but while we still live with the idea that these wonders are still in their prototype days, we should acknowledge that they aren’t truly made for every terrain. Not all, for sure. So, if you want to drive your self-driving SUV into the mountains while you decide to dig into your tub of chicken freely, it would mean that your average self-driving machine will not be able to gauge the challenges on a not-so-flat road, leading to unnecessary bumps. This surely defeats the entire purpose of automated driving in the first place.

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This is where Land Rovers of the future have something planned for them already. The well-thought-through vehicle of the future will come rigged with radar, lidar, cameras, and ultrasonic sound technology that will ensure that your car’s body is as safe as the nice folk within in when in auto-drive mode on uneven terrain.
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The advanced technology will be able to identify and evade hurdles such as low-hanging tree branches and pot-holes. The system is said to work at optimum performance when a series of cars where the leading car’s obstacles will form a learning curve for the followers. This could make for a great safari or expedition, especially into a simulated Jurassic Era.
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