Selfridges has a £30,000 gold plated car for the bling obsessed kid

What you see here is the Atom Car a gold plated electric car for children. It has a 48 volt Cpu motor and makes use of rechargeable batteries that last for about 48 hours. This little car also boasts of LED lights, a horn, dashboard console with switches and can go upto a speed of 15mph. With luxurious Nappa leather interiors and a personalized number plate if you desire, your little one is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. You can accessorize the car further by adding alloy wheels, a car cover and Swarovski crystal embellishments.

This gold Atom Car is available at Selfridges Oxford Street for $48,650 in London. With London being London it wont come as a surprise if this excuse for a toy will actually sell out.

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[Via – Metro]

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