Seven Lamborghini’s free with the $17.5 million Aracor Eagle nuclear accelerator

Deal of the decade! If you thought you had seen some of the most unbelievable deals so far, wait till you hear about our latest find. Our latest hunt on some of the best deals led us to this ad on eBay, which has someone offering a cargo-scanning particle accelerator for $17.5 million! But it’s not the price that is unbelievable but the package. Apparently, for this expensive sum, you will get not only the fine Aracor Eagle nuclear accelerator but also seven Lamborghinis, absolutely free! The Eagle mobile cargo inspection is a gigantic CT scanner used to scan cargo trucks, shipping crates, and the likes. What is more, it guarantees not to kill stowaways, and there are absolutely no shipping charges to have it delivered to a port of your choice. And the seven Lambo’s that will come with this CT scanner are models ranging from 1971 to 2009.

Yes, the lucky buyer who manages to clinch this deal will have for himself a collection of Lambo’s which will feature one Espada, 1971; five Murcielago‘s, 2002, 2003, 2003, 2005, 2005; and one LP640, 2009. Simply unbelievable, click here to see for yourself this unbelievable listing and make your offer.

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