Shadow Hawk STV: Limited edition armored vehicle for $1.2 million

Move over SUV’s, the STV is here. Shadow Hawk is the brain behind this unique development dubbed the STV, abbreviation for Super Terrain Vehicle. The most powerful and stylish armored vehicle both on-road and off the road, it promises to be a real showstopper. The €1 million ($1.2 million) vehicle that resembles an SUV offers nearly unlimited versatility and boasts of a full complement of armor plating. The built to order STV is an exclusive creation, limited to just 12 examples per year. The super awesome STV boasts of daylight cameras, active suspension, camber and caster control systems, driver-activated ride height control, 46-inch wheel travel, and 3/16 inch monocoque construction.

Add to these various custom options, and you can count on one hell of a ride. What is more, the Shadow Hawk STV comes in various configurations like Steel Hawk, Street Hawk, Terra Hawk, Desert Hawk, Armor Hawk, and Battle Hawk. Powered by a 1,100 hp engine, this car promises one unforgettable power-packed experience.

A beauty, it surely wins my vote of approval.


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