Share your Benz and earn – Mercedes launches its car sharing program

Owning your own vehicle and maintaining it efficiently in today’s times is a difficult feat to achieve for most. Vehicle ownership and upkeep costs are increasing deterring masses from purchasing cars of their own. This is further fueled by an overall improvement in public transport facilities and cab services like Uber. While this trend may benefit end consumers, car manufacturing companies are seemingly stressed with suffering sales. Knowing the car rental drift is here to stay, Mercedes, however, has wisely decided to capitalize on it, by launching its very own car renting forum called the “Croove”

This one of its kind “peer to peer” forum allows owners to rent their cars “that are in a good condition and not more than 15 years old” to users who eventually need it. Similarly, folks “over 21 years of age and possessing a valid driver’s license” looking to rent out a car, can take their own pick on the forum, pay for their ride and rent it away for their choice of the duration. The app-based portal requires peers to register and create a profile to get started. Parallel to other car renting apps, once the hired vehicle will reach its designated drop point, the renter can leave a rating via the app, and the car will then be made available for the next user.

This seems to be Mercedes’s alternate business model that can also be doubled up by the marquee as a selling point for potential car buyers. “Croove” is currently available only in Munich on IOS devices. Looks like android users and patrons residing elsewhere will only have to wait until the app gains more popularity amongst audiences.


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