Silolona yacht ferries you to the island of Komodo dragons in luxury

Always wished to travel to the remote villages in Indonesia to have a glimpse of the only dragons that tread the surface of the earth today, the Komodo dragon? If the only thing that is stopping you from realizing this dream is the thought of staying away from luxury, fret no more. Courtesy the Silolona yacht you can now travel in complete luxury to the remote islands that are home to the gargantuan man-eating reptiles known locally as Ora. The boat is definitely the best option compared to the other alternatives that are available to reach the island like old wooden boats some of which are torn down and don’t even have life jackets in them. Thus, the Silolona is like a dream boat that begins its journey from Bali and cruises the Java Sea taking the luxury lover to various remote islands including the land of the Komodo dragon.

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The Silolona is an authentic replica of gaff-rigged schooners that plied the Spice Islands trade long before Europeans turned up in the 16th century. Hand-built by traditional boat-builders in a mangrove swamp in southern Sulawesi, Silolona was launched in 2004. American architect Patti Seery takes credit for the Indonesian culture-inspired design and architecture of the vessel. The architect has equipped Silolona with a 680hp turbo-diesel engine. Constructed of ironwood, and trimmed in teak and a gleaming red-hued wood called lengua, and built to German Lloyd specifications, the Silolona is one of the sturdiest vessels to traverse these waters. What is more, Silolona is fully equipped for divers given Eastern Indonesia’s status as boasting of some of the most renowned world class dive site. Silolona is large enough to accommodate up to 10 guests in luxurious staterooms.
The Silolona is available for private charter from £10,200 ($15,682) per day, including all meals, scuba diving, other water sports and transfers. Her cruising areas include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. For more info or for booking related enquiries visit

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