Silver Zwei is the world’s longest all-aluminum yacht

Silver Zwei is the world’s longest all-aluminum yacht, and it looks really breathtaking if you looked t it for an instant. It quietly entered the glamorous waters of The Pearl-Qatar’s Porto Arabia 800 berth marina. The yacht travels at a speed of 27 knots, and it also is the world’s fastest conventionally powered yacht when you consider the power-to-length. It was built for the German industrialist and entrepreneur Guido Krass.

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The Silver Zwei is also fuel-efficient and consumes just 425 liters per hour. You could also check out other luxurious yachts like the Alfra Vico Marino and the Maltese Falcon. Yachts are an amazing way to display and enjoy wealth. The Silver Zwei looks extremely elegant with the beige aura which surrounds it, and it matches the opulent atmosphere of Porto Arabia. Moreover, Porto Arabia looks almost like Europe, setting the scene for some glamorous yachts.
Via: UDC Qatar

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