Silvestris SC 43 speedboat is a beauty

If fast cars and speed are your passion, then the latest speedboat is sure to add some more thrills to your life. Known as the Porsche of the seas, the Silvestris SC 43 speedboat is the ultimate luxury speedboat. Created by the Dutch High-end sports car manufacturer-Spyker, this 23-foot vessel is the greatest speedboat to hit the water. The cutting edge technology and patented engineering make the Silvestris SC 43 the strongest and most durable boat. The boat comes equipped with a revolutionary feature, consisting of a remote-controlled hatch that turns the boat into a roadster or closes it like an oyster.

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With amazing leather interiors, this baby is definitely a class apart. A 5.78 V8 Engine powers this speedster making it achieve maximum speeds of up to 130nm. A beauty, this water speedster is definitely the classiest and most stylish luxury speedboat.

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