Singapore Airlines takes luxury to new highs with The “Singapore Suite”

People seem to work too hard, and earn their vacations the hard way. And if you are planning a luxury vacation, and want it to be no-holds-barred, try flying Singapore Airlines. The flights now come installed with a deluxe cabin called the “Singapore Suite”, which is more exclusive that any first class seat of even the Singapore Airline A380 aircraft. What makes this cabin so special? Well, it’s got three feet wide seat that can go in to full lounging position with complete ease and a separate bed, which is not your converted from the seat. If you are taking along your better half, you can also opt for a double bed.

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The cabin also comes with other worldly pleasures such as gourmet dining, a choice of drinks that include Don Perignon and Krug champagne, a 23-inch TV monitor, and access to over 700 music CDs and 120 movies to pick from. A Singapore-London return trip ticket for the “Singapore Suite” costs around $15,000.

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